Day Sharper Size Chart

Day Shaper Adjustment Bra Size Chart 


Suggest Lower Chest

Suggest Upper Chest

 32AB Shared Cup

67-71 CM 

70-83 CM

34AB Shared Cup

72-76 CM

75-88 CM

36AB Shared Cup

77-81 CM

80-93 CM

38AB Shared Cup

82-87 CM

85-99 CM

34C Cup

72-76 CM

75-91 CM

36C Cup

77-81 CM

80-96 CM

38C Cup

82-87 CM

95-102 CM


Note: Day Shaper is an adjustment bras

Please allow 1-3 cm measurement error compare to the size chart

What are your measurmenet?

Using measurement tape with CM Size to measure around the chest