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Crystal Bralette Size Chart

 Size Suggest
Lower Bust
Upper Bust

Free Size
(32-38 ABC)

70 - 90 CM 80 - 105 CM

Please allow 1-3cm measurement error compare to the size chart

What are your measurement?
Using measurement tape with CM side to measure around the breast


 Calculate your measurement for Bra Size
Band Size (Lower Bust)
 32/70 Size 34/75 Size 36/80 Size 38/85 Size
67- 71 CM 72 - 76 CM 77 - 81 CM 82 - 87 CM
Cup Size (Upper Bust - Lower Bust = ?)
 <5 CM 5 - 9 CM 9 - 12 CM 12 - 16 CM 16 - 18.5 CM 18.5 - 20 CM
AA Cup A Cup B Cup C Cup D Cup E Cup



What Type of Breast Shape you are?

Explore out guide below to learn more about each category of Breast

Click on "Breast Shape" to know recommended Bras 



Lack of tissues & differences between upper and lower bust less than 5 cm

(Learn More)


One breast is larger than other

(Learn more)


Breast waith lax tissue and nipples pointing downwards

(Learn more)

East West

Nipples pointing outward in opposite directions

(Learn more)


Slimmer at the top, fuller at the bottom

(Learn more)

Side Set

Wide space between breasts

(Learn more)

Tear Drop

Round, but slightly less full at the top

(Learn more)


Thin breasts, nipples pointing downwards

(Learn more)


Equally full at the top and bottom

(Learn more)


Wider more muscular breast with less tissue

(Learn more)