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ADELAIS: Empowering Comfort, Sustaining Style

ADELAIS is a Malaysia local brand that established in 2019. Founded by visionary women with a noble purpose, our brand is a celebration of femininity, comfort, and sustainability. At ADELAIS, we believe that every woman deserves to feel supported, confident, and comfortable in her own skin.

The Essence of ADELAIS: Noble Kindness

The very name ADELAIS embodies the spirit of our brand. Derived from the noble origins, ADELAIS represents the essence of noble kindness. We stand tall as a women-founded company, weaving compassion and strength into every stitch of creations.

Slogan: Comforts for Boobs

Our commitment is succinctly captured in our playful yet empowering slogan, "Comforts for Boobs." We understand that comfort is key, and we take pride in offering simple, comfy, and supportive bras that stand the test of time. Our focus on quality and durability ensures that our users not only embrace the latest trends but also contribute to the slow fashion movement.

Aim for Excellence: Premium Quality Innerwear

At ADELAIS, we strive for excellence in providing premium quality innerwear to the women's community in Malaysia. Our products are crafted with a keen eye on comfort and support, reflecting an awakening of female self-awareness. We believe that feeling good on the inside is the first step to conquering the world.

Sustainable Fashion: ADELAIS and Slow Fashion

In our commitment to sustainability, ADELAIS is at the forefront of the slow fashion movement. By creating our own trends and moving away from fast fashion, we encourage a mindful approach to style. We believe in producing timeless pieces that endure, transcending fleeting fashion fads.

Environmental Stewardship: Eco-Friendly Packaging

Beyond fashion, ADELAIS takes a stand for environmental health. Our dedication to eco-friendly practices is evident in our packaging. We design sustainable packaging items that serve a dual purpose, moving beyond mere aesthetics. With reusable dust bags replacing one-time use plastic and environmentally friendly ink adorning our boxes and tags, we contribute to the well-being of our planet.

ADELAIS is not just a brand; it's a movement—a movement towards empowering women, embracing sustainability, and redefining fashion norms. Join us on this journey as we continue to weave comfort, style, and conscientious choices into the fabric of ADELAIS.